Work at Home Online Tutoring Jobs

Do you enjoy teaching or have a background teaching others? Tutoring students online at home is a great opportunity to teach without being in a physical classroom. A plus is that you are able to teach anyone anywhere around the world or even in the US. Specialize in a specific academic subject area? This is a great way to make money online and at the same time help students excel and get better grades in their exams. Scheduling can be flexible and for many of these companies hiring tutors online, you can decide the time of day you want to work.

Here are several companies hiring work at home tutors online:

  • Aim 4 A Tutoring

This company is looking to hire for online tutors from all over the world. The requirements is that the applicants have a degree in the subject matter of interest. Aim 4 A Tutoring covers many subject areas for grades K-12. Whether you specialize in English, math or science there is always a subject for you to teach and tutor students online. College prep tests and homework help are other areas to help tutor students.

The pay is between $10-15 an hour. The schedule is flexible, you can work either full or part time.

How To Apply:

  • Cambly

This company specializes in online tutoring that connects students interested in learning the English language with native speakers. They are actively seeking motivated and patient native English speakers from around the world to work as online tutors.

English language tutoring services is 24/7, which means you can be anywhere in the world working. Also you can be flexible and schedule your work schedule to how you want it to be. Requirements is fast and reliable internet and a webcam with microphone. Skype is a good software to use with video chat capabilities.

Pay is based on each minute you tutored through the conversation. Cambly pays $0.17 USD per minute, which equates to $10.20 USD per hour. Payments to you is done through Paypal, and there is a minimum amount of $20 before being able to cash out.

How to Apply:

  • Brainfuse

This company provides tutoring services for college students. Brainfuse expects tutors to meet the following requirements, a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in respective fields and proof of your educational levels. The company is looking for online tutors who specialize in the following subjects and more:

– Accounting
– Business
– Computer Science
– Economics
– English
– Finance
– Math
– Nursing
– and many more.

Hours are flexible, you choose the schedule you want to work. This work at home job you can work from anywhere as long as you have fast and reliable internet. After sending your resume they will review it before sending a Brainfuse registration code. If you do get hired to work at Brainfuse, you’ll be required to download a virtual dashboard with a live chat box.

How to Apply:

  • Chegg

This company also is hiring work at home online tutors. How Chegg works is students sign up using Facebook by posting tutoring requests on the site. You’ll get matched to a student’s particular subject area. As a tutor, you’ll be providing a student one-on-one help. You work from anywhere and scheduling is flexible as well. You decide the time you want to work and you’ll be matched to a student’s tutoring request based on your skills. Like Aim 4 A Tutoring, there are many subjects available to teach.

Pay is $20 an hour. You will get paid each week for the hours you spent tutoring.

How To Apply:

  • Golden Voice English

Want to make money from home teaching English to Chinese grade school students? This company requires that you install video conferencing software and you must be available to work at certain times. Free training will be provided and you will be required to hold teaching and tutoring sessions for no less than 30 minutes.

The pay will vary from session to session. The schedule to work is between 6:00am-10:00am EST (Monday-Saturday).

How To Apply:

  • Homework Tutoring

This company tutors students in a variety of subject areas. Students ranging from K-12 to College can be tutored or given help with homework, problem solving, and test preparation.

Expect to earn $20 per hour. However, you will need to email them to see what tutoring opportunities are available. Instructors will need to use Skype to communicate with students.

How to Apply:

  • Tutor Vista

This company tutors students in K-12, but also college students too. Subjects range from English writing, math, science, and more. Personalized one-on-one tutoring is available 24/7 and this allows you to be flexible with scheduling.

How it works, is you will be chatting with the students using a live chat box, while using a virtual whiteboard to draw and write out solutions and explanations to enhance learning. Pay is roughly $25 per hour.

How to Apply:

These companies expect work at home online tutors to meet the following requirements:

– A personal computer with reliable and fast internet access
– Computer speakers and a microphone
– Internet telephone such as Skype
– For some subjects, a digital tablet & pen mouse maybe required.

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