Work at Home Jobs for Nurses

Nurse is a field that will always have demand. It pays well, but did you know you can even work at home as a nurse? Its true there are several work from home jobs for nurses out there to pursue. Why not earn great money from home, all while utilizing that degree you’ve studied and worked hard to achieve?

However, you maybe wondering how can a nurse work from home when most nurses are seen hospitals attending to patients? Well, there are legitimate work from home jobs for nurses, which include:

  • Giving medical advice or checking a patient’s health and records over the phone at a medical call center.
  • Work at home for as a case manager for healthcare insurance companies.
  • Recruiting from home and help hire other nurses.
  • Consulting, help others with your expertise by providing medical tips or legal situations in regards to medical practices.


This company offers work at home nurses opportunities to telework from home. Opportunities are available to for nurses all across the country. Some of the positions available for the work at home nurse are clinical care and consultation, case management, and more.

Care Net

This company offers work at home nurses opportunities similar to Aetna. A college education and bachelor’s degree or equivalent are required.


This company is hiring nursing consultants to remotely work from home. With this job you work as a nurse counselor by taking calls from clients or patients. You’ll be expected to give nursing advice. This is a flexible work at home job and you’re able to set the schedule you want to work. What is required is a dedicated landline phone for this work. Fonemed will reimburse this phone line each month.


This company is looking for work at home nurse to help with many tasks, such as case management and helping with patient enrollment just to name a few. Humana requires your RN license to be in good standing, but with that in mind, they do give employees 401k plans, health and life insurance, as well as personal life coaching for the work at home nurse.


This company is the nation’s largest telecommuting healthcare company. They help their clients by finding clients over the phone from home. They are looking to hire clinical psychologists to work from home. The salary depending on the amount of clients and your productivity will range between $85,000 – $130,000 a year.

These 5 companies give you the flexibility to set your own work schedule. You’ll still be able to put your nursing or medical degree into good use all without having to commute to a clinical or hospital. These jobs may help advance your career path to a different level.

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