Phone Apps that Pay you Free Money

We spend a lot of time on our smartphones, it is literally something that is inseparable from our daily lives. There are so many apps that we use daily on our phones just to keep up with life and its conveniences. However, there are apps that lets you earn money with a smartphone as well.

Some apps have been around a long time, while others came to be recently, but they all share the goal of paying you free money by just using your phone as you do everyday. Why not earn some rewards and money with your phone?

Here is a list of a few apps that pays you free money:

App Trailer

This app allows you to preview new apps before they are released. How it work is you get to view a 30 second preview of the app and its functionalities. No need to download an app to test it out.

If you like a certain app showcased, you can download that app then and there and start using it


With this app you sell used books and textbooks. How it works is you search for a books ISBN number and you can browse and compare prices from various buyback vendors.

Each vendor has a rating and reviews, so rest assured that you’ll have a pleasant transaction. Shipping is free and you’ll get paid the same day a book is received by the buyer.


With this app you can browse through hundreds of merchants and earn cash back. Which so many merchant categories you can spend hours browsing and shopping all while earning cash back!

Every quarter you’ll receive a big fat check from Ebates, as long as there is more than $5.00 earned that quarter.


This app allows you to be flexible on how you want to work. Get started by creating and registering an account through the Gig List. You’ll be assigned tasks, which may last only a few minutes to as much as a few hours.

This app is good way to earn money for those looking for a full-time or just a part-time job.


This app lets you earn money by being a secret shopper. After downloading the app and signing you’ll get a map of retail stores and tasks given by Mobee. Some of the mystery shopper tasks may include going to a store and buying an item. Don’t worry, Mobee will reimburse you on the purchase of the product. You will get points every time you complete a task, which in turn can be redeemed for cash.

Sweat Coin

Here is an app where you can get fit and make some money outdoors at the same time. Sweat Coin counts each step you take, 1000 steps equals $0.95 Sweat Coins. You can use the money to redeem for many rewards from shoes to even an Apple watch.

By keeping the phone in your pocket and having the app run, you can count those steps and earn, and you can even earn riding a bike, as long as its outdoors!

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