No Phone Required Work at Home Jobs

Most work at home jobs may require you to be a home based customer service representative that takes calls from a home over a landline phone. However, there are those who just don’t like talking on the phone and would like to work at home without the need for a phone. Now there are new opportunities for non-phone work from home. These types of jobs involve using a computer by typing, using a digital service, or even providing online chat support.

Here are 5 jobs that don’t require a phone to work from home:


This company is an online search engine evaluator, which allows you to analyze search engine results. This basically means you’ll be helping to determine whether or not the search is relevant to the user. However, with this job you’ll be required to have some good web research and analytical skills to be considered for this job. Also you’ll be expected to have great comprehension and written communication skills.

Appen pays about $13 an hour and this work at home job is flexible.

Daily Transcription

This company is looking for work at home recruits to help transcribe for its clients.

With this company you’ll be working as a freelance/independent contractor. Hours of work is for you to decide, you can work day or night and set your own hours. The top transcriptionists can expect to earn between $250-$950 per week. You can be a novice and still get hired, you’ll receive training, coaching, and feedback to help you get on your way.


This website is one of the most popular stock photos sites on the net. This website has all types of photos and videos for all your needs, whether for a blog or any other content producer.

If you enjoy photography and think your pictures or of quality worth, you maybe able to make money online submitting them to Shutterstock. You’ll earn a commission whenever someone downloads your photo or video. However, the amount you earn from each download will vary, but it will also depend on the licensing and subscription type that was used.

The Chat Shop

This company is looking for work at home employees to help with live chat online. Rather than be on the phone for customer support you’ll be sitting at your computer to chat live online to customers or prospects.

Expect to earn about $10 an hour, this is a flexible work at home job, which means you can set your own schedule. You’ll be required to go through a phone interview, pass an assessment test, and have a reference check before being hired.


This company lets you earn money by testing mobile apps and visiting certain websites. Once you sign up you’ll be given tasks, surveys, and then give feedback about a website or app that you tried. Its okay if you don’t like the app and gave a harsh review, UserTesting sees everyone not having the same opinion, so that is fine

Expect about $10 for every 20 minute task that you complete.

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