No Phone Required – Get Paid to do Research Online

We do research a lot during our daily lives even if we don’t realize it. Thinking is a kind of research due to the thought of ideas that come to mind or tasks one may want to do later in the day. Whether you look up a DIY, fact-checking something said, or even reading/watching the news, that is considered doing research. So how does this apply to work at home? Well, there are several opportunities to allow you to get paid while doing research online all from the comforts of home.

Here are several companies that will pay you just to do research. Want to put your research skills to the test?

  • 10EQS

This company provides crowdsourcing solutions to clients. Every once and a while they’ll hire work at home ‘Subject Matter Experts’ to help research and answer questions in areas of their expertise. Therefore, it is important to know that you’ll need to be an expert in the subject area that you would be assigned to. No phone is required, but again you must work with clients and give them answers to questions to help them succeed.

  • Ask Wonder

This company allows users to ask questions and get a response within 24 hours or less. Ask Wonder prides itself with quick response turnaround and quality answers from its skilled team. You can expect to see users ask these questions:

  • Product and service recommedations
  • Explanation of a trending or viral subject
  • Statistics gathering
  • Market size determining

When applying at Ask Wonder, you’ll be required to take an online quiz and trial assignment to demonstrate your research and analytical skills. If your accepted as a researcher, you can begin earning money by researching.

Wonder does have a deadline to comply with when a request for an answer is assigned to you.

Payment is done twice monthly through Paypal.

  • Experts 123

This company lets you make money online by answering questions or writing expert articles online. If you have a certain expertise and can do research, then Experts 123 wants your helpful articles. Once you sign up and begin contribution answers and articles, they’ll pay you through revenue sharing. This pretty much means you’ll get a share of what the site makes whenever you write and post an article.

  • Just Answer

This company lets you get paid to do research online by answering questions. After signing up, you’ll see over 150 different categories to choose from, therefore you should pick the expertise that you know best. Different categories to do research online include finance, food, law, medical, pets, writing, etc.

Credential verification will be required before you start answering questions to a client. You’ll get 20% of the users payment for the answer, that is if the answer is acceptable.

Payment is conducted via Paypal on the first business day of the month. The minimum payment to get paid is $25, and for each referral you’ll earn a $50 Amazon gift card.

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