Night Time Flexible Work at Home Jobs

While most people prefer to work jobs during the day, there are those who may prefer to work in the evenings or even during the night. If you are a night owl and don’t want to be flipping channels on the TV, there are plenty of opportunities for the night owls out there to work from home.

Here are 7 jobs opportunities for the night shift night owls.

  • Appen Butler Hill

This company specializes in training through AI that is used in a wide variety of applications. Although, you can work part time and be flexible with your schedule, one of the requirements is that you work at least 20 hours a week.

  • Clickworker

This company assigns you tasks that include searching the web, editing, data entry, and translation, etc. They offer you flexibility, you can choose the hours you want to work. Pay starts at roughly $9 an hour.

  • Fancy Hands

This company hires you as a virtual assistant. This job works best during the evenings up until midnight. Your role is basically to help with errands for clients. Jobs may include booking limos, helping with reservations for dinners at restaurants, researching information online, or helping proofread documents.

  • Isus

This company hires online trainers to teach English through their web-based system. This job requires a good quality headset as you will need that to teach English over the phone and then give necessary feedback to the student. Also, over time as you progress in this job, you monitor the progress of each student.

  • LiveOps

This company you are hired as an independent contractor. This job entails you being a work at home call center agent. The schedule to work maybe the night shift, depending on which companies offer those positions. This company however, requires all applicants to pay $65 for a credit and background check before being hired.

  • Uhaul

This well-known do it yourself hauling and moving company is looking hire customer service agents. They require you work anytime from 4am through to 5pm. The hours are flexible and you can choose the schedule you want to work.

  • Working Solutions

This company is looking to hire the work at home night owls, with opportunities in various fields during the night shift. Call center experience will be an advantage. They offer flexible hours and you can work during the day as well.

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