Make Money at Home by Watching TV

Do you enjoy watching TV shows? Ever thought of getting paid for your time just by watching your favorite TV programs? There are several companies that have opportunities available that allow you to watch your favorite TV shows as well as other shows and get paid doing so. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some new television programs to like all while getting paid watching it.

Here are three companies that will pay you at home just for watching TV.

Known for giving TV ratings and demographic viewership data, Nielson offers “field representative” positions. If you enjoy watching various TV programs then you can be hired to watch through hours of TV programs to find the certain clips from the broadcasts.

You may also consider being a customer service representative for Netflix if you enjoy watching TV shows and movies. These positions however may not always be available, but you can always keep an eye out for openings on both Indeed or Netflix’s job board.

Netflix as mentioned above offers work at home customer service rep positions. They also offer positions that allow you to stream and watch TV programs and movies and tagging them afterwards. The hours will be long, but they allow you to be flexible with scheduling. This opportunity allows you to preview and watch episodes before they are available to all audiences.

If you are considering on being a Netflix tagger expect to be watching 3-5 movies a day.

Perk TV Live is company that will require you to download their app and watch television programs by steaming it on your phone. You can pick the shows to watch and review it afterwards, or you can read over viewers reviews of a TV show. You use their app the check-in shows and earn points/tokens in the process.

The points earned then can be exchanged for cash, gift cards, or Paypal. The tokens earned can be used to enter weekly sweepstakes.

Note: These can be part-time work at home jobs as they offer flexibility. Who knows by watching some TV programs and getting paid for your time, maybe you’ll find a new favorite TV show to binge watch or tell your friends about.

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