Live Operator Jobs You Can Do From Home

Many companies are looking for call center type positions and much of it can be done from home. To be a live operator at home all that is needed is a dedicated phone line and/or reliable internet service, plus a some headsets. A live operator at home is much like a a call center position, but without being crammed in a building with other people, you can do this from anywhere in your home. Some companies may offer flexible work schedules, but you’ll be required to do a minimum number of hours of work for each week though.

Here are several companies that offer live operator work at home positions:

  • LiveOps

This company is looking for call center agents working at home. However, note that Live Ops you’ll be required to pay $65 for a credit to get started and there is a required background check before getting hired.

Also, you’ll be hired as an independent contractor and not as an employee.

  • Voice Log

This company is looking for work at home live operators. Work hours are flexible and you decide the schedule or time of day you want to work. However, Voice Log does require a set 35 hour weekly work schedule, you’ll have to decide how set your schedule. Day or night flexibility is available.

  • Working Solutions

This company is looking to hire live operators that arenight owls. There are several work at homei opportunities in various fields during the night shift. With this job opportunity call center experience will be an advantage, however you’ll be given training material to review before starting if you don’t have much experience with call centers. Working Solutions does offer flexible hours and you can work during the daytime as well.

  • Telecommunication Jobs

These type of job positions involves taking calls from customers and helping them troubleshoot problems they may have. TeleTech@Home and CCI Call Center International are two companies looking for live operators. The requirements for the job position is being able to handle customer requests and questions. Also the job requires that you be a sociable person and one with patience along with some customer service experience. Another advantage that may give higher consideration for global prospective would be being fluent in several different languages.

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