Get Paid Typing at Home – Work From Home Typing Jobs

Have you ever wondered what types of jobs you can do at home? Well, there are several kinds of jobs you can do from home and one of the popular ones is working as a typist or transcriber. There are several online companies looking to hire freelance typists who can help type out transcripts or translating articles after review or listening to a task. You can do all this and get paid for your time while working from home.

Here are a few companies online that offer opportunities for typing and transcribing:

  • Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me offers opportunities to make money by transcribing audio files. For the most part the audio files are short in length and you’ll be required to type out into text as you listen along to the audio’s content.

To apply for open spots you can visit Transcribe Me’s website.

Information about yourself and your educational background will be needed as you go through the application process. They’ll also test your typing proficiency and see how fast you can type. After this you’ll have to take and pass a test before being hired.

Its not just typing fast, but a proficiency in English would be another plus. With these it will give you a better chance in getting hired. You’ll also need a computer that is up to date with high quality headsets and reliable fast/stable internet connection. A Paypal account is required for payments that will be made to you after you have completed work.

Payment is conducted on a weekly basis.

Transcribe Me pays about twenty dollars per an audio hour, which means that you only earn this amount after you have converted audio files that add up to that hour. Take note that an audio hour it is not the same as a normal one hour time period.

  • REV

Rev is another company looking for transcribers. No experience is necessary to be hired, but the applicants will be required to take a test and pass before being offered a job. Although the testing is not complicated as Transcribe Me, however, the tests will test your proficiency and makes sure you understand and follow instructions. The testing consists of a grammar and writing test. You’ll be required to take a transcription exam to see how proficient you are in listening as well as typing.

The requirements for Working for Rev you will need have fast typing skills, a reliable fast internet connection to download the audio files to listen to, and to convert into text, and of course a high quality headset.

Payment at Rev is not standard but you can make good money if you put the effort into it. For an audio minute, the pay is ranges from $0.50 – $0.65. This is roughly $30 for an audio hour.

  • Scribie

Scribie is company that offers freelance transcription jobs for anyone looking to have a job from home. As with the other two companies listed above you’ll be required to listen to information on audio files and then type out the text you listened to and get paid for it.

Scribie pays its transcribers $10 for every audio hour as they manage to complete each task successfully. Once work is completed and a good amount is accumulated, Scribie will send you payment via Paypal.

To help you get started doing work at home transcribing here are a few recommended requirements:

  • A computer that’s up to date
  • Fast and reliable internet
  • Good quality headphones
  • Good English Proficiency
  •  Fast typing skills

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