Get Paid To Shop for Groceries

Grocery shopping can be hectic sometimes. It maybe hard to know which items you want to buy, while at the same time finding the right items you’ll need. Some people dread going to the grocery stores themselves and rather have someone else handle the shopping for them. You can get paid to shop for groceries. There are several grocery shopping rebate apps that let you get paid while shopping on your own or for others. This is a great way to get out of the house a bit and earn some extra cash.

For those wondering on how to help others grocery shop while on a flexible schedule, here are some options to get started. Whether part-time or full-time you can plan your own schedule on your own terms and earn that extra income.

  • Ibotta

This grocery rebate app lets you earn cashback for doing your own shopping. Ibotta is easy to use and its free to download. Once you download the app and register for a login, then you can search through the app for rebates (coupons) for items at your local grocery store.

Ibotta offers rebates on many name brand products, but also in-store brand products, which is better for the more budget conscious consumer.

Using the app, you need to complete a simple task to unlock a rebate, so its best to know or plan ahead for what you need to buy at the store. Maybe see if there is a rebate for that certain item before buying it now. However, if you do buy an item and it does have a rebate, then you’ll need to hold on to the receipt after the purchases. A photo of the receipt will be needed to verify your purchases, then you’ll get paid.

Ibotta will pay within 48 hours upon verification of your purchases. This isn’t going to make you rich in anyway, but it does help you save on your grocery bill and helps you make some extra cash.

  • Instacart

This company allows consumers to shop and order items to have it shipped right to their home. Shoppers get paid weekly and can work peak hours to maximize earnings. This job entails you to delivering people’s groceries. You can work either full-time or part-time as an independent contractor. One of the requirements with this job is having access to a car, which is needed to make deliveries.

  • Shipt

This company is a grocery delivery service that is looking to hire independent contractors. Shipt allows you to work at your own flexible schedule. It is also a great way to earn some money (up to $25 an hour).

You can setup a schedule for up to 5 days in advance when creating a shopping schedule. Once you setup a schedule, shopping assignments will become available through the app. After accepting the shopping task you want, it then requires you to drive to the store, picking up the items and delivering it to the customer.

Expect to get paid a commission of $5 plus 7.5% of the order total per each delivery.

  • Peapod

This company is a grocery delivery service that operatives mainly in the Midwest and Eastern region of the U.S. This company is similar to the others, but they supposedly offer a benefits package along with competitive pay.

Expect to earn $12.50 an hour as a delivery driver.

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