Get Paid to Beta Test Games and Mobile apps from Home

Summer is upon us and many of us like to spend time playing with apps on our phones during the long break. These days its hard for you not to see friends or family spending time on an app or playing some kind of mobile game on the phone. New mobile apps and games come just about daily in the app stores. Behind the scenes though there are everyday users beta testing the games before its uploaded to the app store. There are several beta testing jobs available to people who enjoy lending a hand or idea for new apps and want to get paid to test these games and mobile apps. You can be a beta test and work from the comforts of home.

Developers want beta testers to test their mobile apps and games to work out the bugs and kinks before releasing their app to the public. Developers also want to avoid any negative reviews from users who download their apps. Hiring beta testers allow developers to get real feedback before officially releasing their app. This all starts out with developers and companies going to a 3rd party websites to hire beta testers to test their apps or games. Once the developers and companies pay a fee, the beta testers can sign up for a job to test and use the products and provide their feedback on it. From there, developers will give the beta tester a project along with several tasks assigned to the project.

Reviews don’t have to be positive, but it should be honest as it helps the developers gets ideas to help improve their product.

Here are some companies offering beta testing jobs:

  • 99 Tests

This company pays users to test software. You will be assigned tasks specifically looking for bugs when using an app. You will be required to keep a log of all the bugs or errors you find. This is a good job for both beginners and advanced beta testers. Your earnings are based on the complexity of the task and fixed amount for testing products, payment is conducted through Paypal.

  • App Coiner

This company lets you earn money testing apps. However, this company requires you to download their app, which allows you to see what testing opportunities are available in their database.

  • Bananatic

This company is mainly geared towards gamers and gaming enthusiasts. With this company you get to play, test, and review games. You will not earn cash doing this job, but instead you’ll earn “bananas” virtual currency, which you can use to pay for new game content, add to your steam wallet, or redeem for Amazon gift cards.

  • Elusive Stars

This company hires testers to for Android apps. Sign up and wait to be assigned to test an app. You will be given 24 hours to test and review an app. Developers will then expect to see feedback from you in order to get ideas on how to improve their app.

  • Gaming Jobs Online

This company is a video gaming testing website, offering testers a  chance to play video games, as well as do surveys, and participate in several focus groups. You can also earn extra money from Games Jobs Online by watching games and movie trailers. Expect to earn $30 per hour on this site.

  • Game Testers

This company lets people test and review new video games. However, in order for you to begin testing and reviewing a game on Game Testers, you must pass an assessment test, as this jobs requires you to provide detailed feedback and reviews for each game you play or try out.

Game Testers claims testers can earn up to $50-$150 per hour depending on the game or task assigned.


How much you earn will vary depending on the companies/websites you choose along with the developer and tasks assigned. However, expect to earn $10 per test on the lower end to as high as $100 per hour on the higher end, again this depends on the projects and tasks assigned to the beta tester. This work allows a schedule flexible and you can take your time playing the game or using an app while gathering your thoughts about the app or game all from home.

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