Flexible Jobs for Mothers at Home

Many mothers like staying at home to tend to their kids or doing housework. There are several side jobs they can do during their spare time to make some extra money at home. It does not matter what time you work as many of these jobs allow flexibility in your schedule, so no matter day or night you can work at home when you feel like it.

Here are a few companies that offer flexible jobs at home.

  • Appen Butler Hill

This company specializes in training through AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is used in a wide variety of applications. This job lets you be flexible with your schedule, however, one of the requirements is that you work at least 20 hours a week.

  • Clickworker

This company assigns you various tasks that include searching the web, editing entries, data entry, and translation, etc. Clickworker offer you schedule flexibility, you can choose when want to work.

Pay starts at roughly $9 an hour.

  • LiveOps

This is a well known company where you are hired as an independent contractor. This job entails you working at home as call center agent. The schedule is flexible to work at home with as many companies offer various positions whether day or night.

This company however, requires all applicants to pay $65 for a credit and background check before being hired.

  • Scribie

This company offers freelance transcription jobs to mothers looking work at home flexibility. This opportunity is flexible and allows you to work day or night, which ever best fits your schedule. You’ll be required to listen to information on audio files and type them out to text.

This job may have quite a bit of competition due to the job being open to anyone from around the world.

Scribie pays its transcribers $10 for every audio hour they manage to complete successfully. Once work is completed and a good amount is accumulated, Scribie will pay you using Paypal.

  • Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me is an online company that gives moms an opportunity to make money by transcribing audio files. The audio files are usually short in length and are to be typed out into text as you listen to the audio’s content. To apply, visit Transcribe Me’s website, you’ll need to provide information about yourself and your educational background. You will also need to be tested on your typing proficiency and after that, take and pass a test to be hired.

Pay is twenty dollars for an audio hour, which means that you only earn this amount after you have converted audio files that add up to that hour. Take note that an audio hour it is not the same as a normal one hour time period.

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