Earn Money Online as a Paid Book Reviewer

Many of us like to read books during our spare time. Books helps us getaway from the stresses of daily life as well as be a way for us to gain knowledge and learning something new. Now you can get paid to read books online. If you enjoy reading, why not get paid for what you enjoy. Do what you enjoy, and sometimes you’ll perhaps the author will allow you to keep the books that you read and reviewed. You’ll be the first on the block to own a copy before getting published, that is if the book is something you really enjoyed reading.

Here are five companies that pays readers to read or review books online.

Any Subject Books

This website offers you the reader books that fits your interest. It makes sure to give you books that you may enjoy reading in the genre that you pick.

Steps to apply, you’ll need to submit a sample review to show Any Subject how your writing style is capable of. When approved and when you receive a copy of the book, it’ll have a short outline on what the book is about. When completing a review of the book, it’ll be given back to the author and copied over the the website. The authors may use your review, however, they may not alter it.

Book Browse

This company allows members to be reviewers by reviewing a book, about one per month. Most of Book Browse reviewers are located in the U.S., but they are open to those abroad as well. However, if your located outside the United States, you may receive an ebook rather than a physical copy to review. Books Browse offers a wide range of books to review, from adult fiction to non-fiction, you can decide which you want to read.

If you want to become a reviewer at Book Browse you’ll need to submit to them a quality 300 work sample review. From there they’ll decide whether or not you’ll be approved to be a book reviewer.

Book Jobs

This company offers ways to earn money by getting paid to read books online while at home. They have job openings for remote assistant editors available. Much of the work can be done at home, however, from time to time you will have to meet up with a managing editor to discussion certain books or topics.

Online Book Club

This website pays book reviewers to read books and write reviews about a book. With the first review, you’ll receive one book for free. However, after the short trial period, you’ll then start earning money as a paid book reviewer at Online Book Club.

Reviewing any book on here will be free to members. They are looking for honest reviews on a book, if you don’t like a certain book, it is alright just be honest when writing the review about it. Expect $5-60 per review.

Women’s Review Book

This website allows readers to review books and pays you up to $100 per review. You’ll get paid after the review is verified and published. However, note this company has a strict policy against assigning book reviews to family, friends, and even foes of a book’s author.

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