Companies Looking to Hire Translators or Tutors to Work at Home Nationwide

Have an interest in tutoring kids or helping them learn a new language? How about translating articles to another language? There are many work at home translating and tutoring opportunities.  As long as you have a fast and reliable internet and meet specific requirements that companies may have, you’ll be good to go when it comes to having available job opportunities. Here are some companies looking to hire translators and tutors to work from home nationwide.

  • Aim 4 A Tutoring

This company is looking to hire for online tutors from all over the world. The requirements is that the applicants have a degree in the subject matter of interest.

The job is tutoring and helping students with homework. The pay is between $10-15 an hour. The schedule is flexible, you can work either full or part time.

How To Apply:

  • AccuTran Global

This company offers remote jobs opportunities for transcriptionists, translators, and editors. Whether you are located in the US or abroad, they have job offers for you. The company works mainly during peak seasons and will hire when they have tons of work.

The pay will vary based on the work and tasks. The schedule and hours will vary as well, but mostly during peak days.

How To Apply:

  • Avant Page

This company is looking to hire translation experts from all around the world. They offer great opportunities to those who like to telecommute.

The pay will vary and the hours available to work are full time or part time.

How To Apply:

  • Language Line

This company is looking for motivated translators either nationwide or globally. If you have excellent interpretation skills and translating abilities, Language Line is looking to hire you. They let you work remotely from home. The pay varies and this can be either a full time or part time job.

How To Apply:

  • Golden Voice English

Want to make money from home teaching English to Chinese grade school students? This company requires that you install video conferencing software and you must be available to work at certain times. Free training will be provided and you will be required to hold teaching and tutoring sessions for no less than 30 minutes.

The pay will vary from session to session. The schedule to work is between 6:00am-10:00am EST (Monday-Saturday).

How To Apply:

  • REV

This company is looking to hire people with excellent transcription, translation or captioning skills. REV offers remote working opportunities to professionals who can deliver on both speed and quality. They are looking to hire motivated people who want to work at their own time.

The pay will vary and the work schedule requirements is that this is a full time work at home job. Positions are available for anyone who want to work from anywhere.

How To Apply:

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