Build a Work at Home Career with These Remote Companies

Like to work for a company, but don’t want to commute and instead work from the comforts of home? Are you looking for a company to build a career with? There are many companies that allow employees to work from home. This means if the company’s main offices are located far away in another location, you can still work from the comforts of home remotely without ever having to go to an office.

Note: Be sure to carefully do some research before deciding which work from home company you want to work for. Compare and analyze all options before deciding, i.e. what roles or responsibilities you will have, compensation, work scheduling, and any other benefits of working at that company. Some of these companies may require you attend regular virtual meetings or working specific hours of the day. These are somethings you may want to research before jumping into one.

These companies listed here are reputable and allow employees to remotely work:

  • 10up

This company allows you to build a work at home career. They are mainly involved in hiring website designers and developers, but there are other career opportunities available through this company as well.

  • Automattic

You may not have heard of this company before, but many websites you visit are made accessible thanks to this company. They are the brains behind WordPress virtual staff. They hire remote workers all around the world.

  • Edgar

This is another company that hires virtual staff all over around the world. Reliant on social media management, many bloggers and business owners rely on Edgar to help them build and maintain presence on social media.

  • Hubstaff

This company is offers a wide variety of remote positions in customer support, content writing, and more for its clients. Whether working in the US or globally, Hubstaff is looking to hire anyone who has what it takes.

  • Invision

This company is another worth considering if you are looking to build a career working from home. Using the mobile application it helps you connect with a wide variety of companies who are looking to hire full-time remote workers. When you download their app, you can start using it to search for that dream job you had in mind.

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